Füssen in the allgäu

... the romantic soul of Bavaria

In the early morning hours, when the first sunrays appear and the gentle fog rises from the fields, you can experience this dreamlike landscape at its best. Hike through the green hills with their castles and ruins, telling stories of long forgotten times.

Walking in the castle park does not have to be strenuous. Beyond the stony park guards and mountains there is much to discover. But also trained alpinists are rewarded for their visit. King Ludwig himself and his parents, Marie and Maximilian, were well known for their challenging tours. Following their tracks, a good level of fitness is required and no fear of heights, for example, the hike up to the 'Säuling'. The view over the castle park from the top of the stony guards is more than rewarding for your efforts!

Kings' Castles

Visit the fairytale King Ludwig II's dream turned to stone, as well as his „childrens nursery“. Both castles are figureheads of the region, not to be missed.

A dream turned to stone: the Neuschwanstein Castle. It began as a vision and remained unfinished. Regardless, it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world year after year. No wonder that sensitive but mysterious king found his haven here in which he could escape reality. 

King Ludwig II wanted to build an ideal medieval castle using the lastest technology of the time. His modest example: the Wartburg with its singers' hall. Alas the king was never able to see his dream completed, he died an early death under mysterious circumstances.  

The Hohenschwangau Castle was the beloved summer residence of the royal family. Little Ludwig spent many days here during his childhood. His parents, Maximilian II and Marie, were fervent hikers, a passion Ludwig inherited. The interior of the castle in new gothic style, decorated with wall paintings depicting scenes from medieval mythology. The swan motive accompanies the visitor throughout the whole set

Museums and Exhibitions

Füssen is a small city with a large culture. Here is the origin of professional lute making, the branch gallery of the Bavarian State Collection of Paintings, the Kings Castles, the Benedictine Monastry St. Mang and much more.

From lute making to illusionistic painting 

A small city with a large culture – describes Füssen in Allgäu perfectly. Discover the origin of professional lute building and follow the traces of music from this gentle instrument. Its history is found in the State Museum, and at the local violin and plucked instrument builders.

Visible above the rooves of Füssen is of course the castle. In the former summer residence of the Augsburger prince bishops is the branch gallery of the Bavarian State Collection of Paintings. Here illusionistic painting enchant the beholder. 

The baroque setting of the former benedictine monastry St. Mang is well worth a visit. Referring here to the imperial hall with its fresco paintings, the extraordinary monastry library and the Magnus crypt. Many more churches and chapels in the area house interesting works of art.

Summer holiday

Hiking & climbing 

roam through the majestic countryside and picturesque villages between forests and lakes. Meander through rolling hillsides dotted with castels and ruins, telling stories of long forgotten times. Also for alpinists there are plenty of challenges.

surrounding the Aktiv Hotel Schweiger are three different heights for the absolute nordic walking experience. In Füssen alone there are 13 nordic walking routes stretching for hundreds of kilometres for beginners as well as experts.

Nordic walking

The perfect combination: whole body training and enjoyment. Surrounding the Aktiv-Hotel Schweiger fantastic views from three different levels provide the ultimate in nordic walking.

On the flat, with the backdrop of mountain ranges, you can take an easy walk around one of the many lakes...the Mitter and Obersee lakes close to the hotel in Bad Faulenbach for example, or the Hopfensee or Weißensee lakes. Tours up to higher levels are more challenging. Leaving directly from the hotel, via Alatsee lake then up to the Saloberalm, for example. For a further challenge, pack your walking sticks and off up to the mountains.

In and around the village of Füssen are 13 nordic walking tours stretching over hundreds of kilometres. All are well signposted. From beginners to experts, here you are guaranteed to find your dream tour.


Here is the perfect starting point for your biking holiday. Mountain biker, racing or e-biker, the magnificent landscape surrounding the Aktiv Hotel Schweiger is paradise for every type of biker.

Welcome to the hub of biking. Whether you are on the Allgäuer bike tour, looking for challenges on a mountain bike  or simply enjoying discovering the region: the Aktiv-Hotel Schweiger is the ideal starting point.

The majestic landscape surrounding the hotel can be conquered on foot as well as by bike: with views of the Neuschwanstein castle, pedaling through the lake district is easy and relaxing. Don't forget to pack your bathing suit!. Or you extend your radius – on an E-Bike. More challenging routes become easy and hills are a breeze.

For real mountain bikers of course not an option! Here are many varied route profiles, dreamlike views and plenty of mountain huts and restaurants offering special biker evenings. Cyclists also find beautiful stretches of road, for example the Gaichtpass-Oberjoch-Runde or the Auerberg-Wertach-Run.

Lakes & Swimming

All close to Füssen, you could spend every day at a different lake. In the 'Valley of the Senses' alone there are five. And each within a short walking distance.

Spend every day at a different lake, unwind and relax, enjoy the moutain panorama. The summer here is perfect for restoring energy. In Bad Faulenbach alone,where the Aktiv-Hotel Schweiger is located, are five lakes waiting to be discovered, all within walking distance.

Regardless of where you are, you'll find a swimming lake nearby. The Riviera of the Allgäu, the Hopfensee lake, or the secluded Faulensee lake. Also the Forggensee lake, the mecca of water sports, is suitable just for swimming with a majestic view of the royal castles, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

For those not only interested in swimming, try to get to the bottom of the apparently bottomless lake of Allgäu by researching the myths and stories surrounding for example the Alatsee. There is even a series of crime novels written by the Allgäuer car racing duo Klüpfel and Kobr, set in this area. Legendary!


In Allgäu the golf courses are set between forests and hillsides with a superb backdrop of magnificent mountain ranges. Golfers can look forward to 18-hole-courses, large training areas, pitch areas and practice bunkers.

The wonderful views of the mountain peaks help to achieve the perfect tee off. The greens are surrounded by undulating hills and forests. Not only is the backdrop perfect, facilities are also up to standard.

Not far from the Aktiv-Hotel Schweiger is, for example, the "Auf der Gsteig" course with 18-holes, as well as the "Golfanlage Alpenseehof", plus large training areas with putting greens, pitch and chip area, practice bunker and driving range. Never played before, or want to improve your swing? At one of the golf schools you'll find the right type of instruction.


The Forggensee is an excellent lake for sailing and a venue for international regattas. For those bringing their own boat, the sailing club provides adequate sites for mooring. Also as a beginner you are at the right place, learn to sail at the Forggensee Yachtclub.

Big and beautiful, lying at the foot of the mountain range: the Forggensee lake. Seen at night, lights reflecting on the surface and the Neuschwanstein Castle glittering in the distance, you would not guess the action taking place by day with sailing, and the scene for international regattas.

For winds can be strong and conditions challenging. It's never boring on the largest lake in Allgäu and the fifth largest lake in Bavaria. There is plenty of mooring space for guests bringing boats, and for those without experience, the Forggensee-Yachting School is there to help.

Looking for diversity, the many pre-alpine lakes of the region make summertime dreams come true. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, rowing or paddle boats - here there is something for everyone.

Winter holiday

Winter hiking

A  crystal carpet lies over the sunlit 'Valley of the Senses'. Well prepared tracks for winter walking stretch across the countryside in and around Füssen. Capture the magic of the white winter.

A sea of crystals glittering in the sunshine. The mountains have donned a white dress. Time to discover the more relaxed side of winter in Allgäu. Well prepared tracks for winter walking stretch through the countryside in and around Füssen.

Decide yourself whether you just want a relaxed stroll around the lake, or perhaps up through the snowy forest to a hut for refreshments, taking a toboggan with you for an exhilarating descent.

Also around the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles it becomes more peaceful when blanketed in snow in winter. Why not wade through the snow to the fairytale castles and enjoy the quiet?

Discover the magic of the white winter off the beaten track. Hire a pair of snow shoes and make your own way up the mountain. That's how you can experience the winter wonderland in total tranquility.

Cross-country skiing

Healthy, effective and enjoyable into the bargain: on the flat, undulating or high up – cross-country skiers find everything they need close to the Aktiv-Hotel Schweiger. A 300 kilometre network of tracks and an awesome backdrop.

Flat, hilly or up high – cross-country skiers find everything they need to fulfill their hearts' desires here in Allgäu. The network is made up of 300 km of connecting tracks. Not to mention the magnificent backdrop of the alps.

Especially romantic.... set off at dusk towards the Neuschwanstein castle along the floodlit track. If you would like to go higher, try Buchenberg. There are many variations for both classic and skating styles. Most tracks are prepared for both.

The Aktiv-Hotel Schweiger has succeeded in combining health and enjoyment. Take advice: cross-country is one of the most effective endurance sports for every age and optimal for the cardio vascular system. So out onto the track and enjoy the winter wonderland.

Alpine skiing

Other ski resorts may be more spectacular, but a winter/ski holiday in the Aktiv Hotel Schweiger is guaranteed to be a relaxed skiing experience. That means: no busy pistes, no lift queues and lots of fun.

Although there are larger and more spectacular ski resorts, a winter ski holiday at the Aktiv-Hotel Schweiger is a relaxed one you are guaranteed to enjoy. The small ski areas around Füssen are just waiting to be discovered.That means: no crowded pistes, no long lift queues, but great fun on the slopes. Particularly suitable for families.

We also recommend the "Vitales Land" connecting ski areas. Extending as far as Tirol, variation and diversity are guaranteed. Not to mention the traditional mountain huts and authentic locals one meets there. Here, getting the most fun out of your holiday counts more than having the most stylish outfit on the piste.

You prefer to "earn" the exhilarating descent by climbing the mountain on tour skis? No problem, special designated routes and times make it possible.