Relaxation & Recreation in Füssen

Softpack lounger

The free-floating position in warm water lounger allows a maximum of relaxation, relief of the spinal column and well-being. Highly recommended after a medical bath or peeling.

Peeling applications & Facial treatments

shaping: effective, lifting, contour improving Energizing: refreshing, vitalizing, stimulating Relaxing: soft,calming, relaxing Balancing: protecting, invigorating, balancing.

Facial treatments according DOCTOR BABOR.

Spa and health

Medical baths & sauna

A bath relaxes the body. Depending on the temperature and the duration of a bath it is activating, reassuring or soothing. There are good healing results in accompaniment with a therapy for rheumatic disease, skin disease, metabolic disease and circulation disorder. They increase the well-being and in combination with high quality ingredients there can be achieved different effects.