Wellness Treatments - pampering massages

Flavour oil massages

Full body massage (50 min.) 64,00 €
Back massage (25 min.) 34,00 €
Foot reflex zones massage (35 min.) 49,00 €


Wellness massages

Hot stone massage (60 min.)

Full body massage with hot basalt stones, which penetrate into the deeper body zones and stimulate the blood circulation The harmonious fragrance of the aroma oil supports the balance of body and mind

75,00 €

Abhyanga – millennia healing method from india (60 min.)

Full body massage with warm sesame oil, the body's own cleansing and detoxification is supported and rejuvenating and vitalizing

87,00 €

Shiro-/Mukabhyanga (40 min.)

Head and neck massage followed by a facial massage. The warm oil makes you disappear into another world for a moment

59,00 €

Herbal stamp massage (60 min.)

Powerful and intense full-body massage.the herbal stamps are passed over the body with gentle pressure and intense tapping. The herbs help relieve stress while the finest aroma massage oils provide new vitality

75,00 €