Softpack lounger

The free-floating position in warm water lounger allows a maximum of relaxation, relief of the spinal column and well-being. Highly recommended after a medical bath or peeling.


Our tip:

During the exposure time of body mask we gladly pampering your face with a cream mask

17,00 €

Softpack lounger „Solo“

for relaxation and relief the spinal (25 Min.)

18,00 €

BABOR Soft Cream Mask “Cashmere Wood”

A warm woody fragrance will give you an inner balance. For a Me, who refuel new energy (25 min)

37,00 €

BABOR Soft Cream Mask “Lavender Mint”

Soft lavender mint fragrances will wrape you in a well being and protect your sensitive skin (25 min.)

37,00 €

BABOR Soft Cream Mask “Lime Mandarin”

Refreshing aroma of fruity mandarin and citrus-bitter lime gives new energy for body and mind (25 min.)

37,00 €

BABOR Algae Pack

Algae purify, detoxify, drain, boost the metabolism and the blood flow 35 Min

45,00 €