Classic Treatments, according to Kneipp

Gush in change according to Kneipp 

Promotes metabolism, blood circulation and stimulates the circulation

8,50 €

Hot gush

For back, shoulder, neck and loin – stimulates the blood circulation

14,50 €

Armbath/footbath in change with addition

Relieved the vessels and leads to inner relaxation

13,00 €

Cold gush

For decongestion of the connective tissue - stimulates the circulation

5,00 €

Breast wrap

Relaxation for the pulmonary immune system Cough and expectorant.

9,00 €

Hayflower wrap (warm):

Wohltuend entspannend für das pulmonale Immunsystem.

Wirkt husten- und schleimlösend

9,00 €

Hayflower wrap (warm):

Enthralling for muscles and activating for the metabolism and digestion



Hayflower wrap in the softpack lounger



14,00 €

22,00 €

32,00 €

Natural moor wrap (warm)

Deep-acting muscle- and joint therapy with tension and blockades

Part wrap back

Full wrap



37,00 €

48,00 €

Clay wrap (cold)

Has an anti-inflammatory effect on joint diseases. Has an analgesic effect





16,00 €

24,00 €