The "Festspielhaus Neuschwanstein" in Füssen

A very special experience for the whole family

From the Aktiv Hotel Schweiger in Füssen you can reach the Festival Hall...

  • by bike in approx. 25 minutes (bike path available)
  • by bus in about 10 minutes from the train station
  • by car in about 10 minutes from the hotel
  • on foot as a short hike in about 1 hour

Whether you want to watch a musical or a special event or just enjoy a fabulous panorama, the festival hall is always worth a trip. Access to the Forggensee boat trip is also possible in the immediate vicinity.

Have you found a musical that suits your wishes and taste? We would be happy to reserve your tickets for you! Please feel free to contact us!

The following musicals are currently playing, among others: Ludwig 2, The Spirit of Christmas, Beauty and the Beast, Dream King, The Pope and many more...

The exact dates and schedule can be found here: